CNC Milling

Improvage is pleased to showcase its high precision and high-speed Machining Center technologies to its customers.

Our equipment lines up have table size up to 2.1m x 1.6m and allows us to produce general tolerances up to ±0.010mm and maintaining position accuracies up to ±0.003mm.

CNC Turning

Improvage’s CNC turning can produce products with diameter range up to 12” with general tolerances up to ±0.005mm and maintaining position accuracies up to ±0.005mm.

Profile & Surface Grinding

Improvage pride ourselves on offering ultra-precision grinding process in control of pitch, surface flatness & finish, and contours, with accuracies up to ±0.002mm.

CNC Wirecut & Superdrill

Improvage also provides wire EDM and hole drilling EDM services that able to cut a hole with depth up to 200mm and accuracy up to 0.003mm.

EDM Sinker

Our EDM sinker able to provide fine finish (Ra ≤ 0.16 μm) and accuracy up to 0.005mm.

Quality Control

With the commitment of complying international quality management system standard, Improvage practices strict quality control from raw material, process control to outgoing inspection.

Improvage deploys more than 20 types of QC instruments with accuracy up to ±0.0005mm to ensure high-quality parts arrive to the customer.


Improvage Engineering team able to provide engineering services including mechanical design, reverse engineering and BOM analysis.


Improvage also provide value added solutions including mechanical sub-assembly, electrical wiring, hardware installation and bench testing.